The Different Types Of Diamond Rings Available To Wear

Since approximately the 13th century, the traditional option for an engagement or wedding ring is the diamond ring.  In fact, the first recorded proposal accompanied by a diamond ring occurred in 1477 in Vienna.  It was performed by the Archduke Maximilian of Austria when he announced his betrothal to Mary of Burgundy.  Since then, the diamond ring has remained popular for weddings and engagements; however, it is now being utilized as another form of fashion in contemporary society.  This article will point out the different ways in which a person can wear diamond rings.

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•    The Cocktail Ring

Despite diamonds being used traditionally for couples, it is now seen that diamonds are common in cocktail-styled rings.  Nothing catches a person’s eye more quickly than a multi-stone diamond ring when perusing the offerings of a jewelry store – especially if the ring has several color diamonds.  For example, one could consider the 1 carat black and white diamond band set in a polished sterling silver, this will feature at least 30 round cut diamonds all in pave settings.  The result is a stylish zebra pattern created from black and white diamonds with a weight of 0.63 white diamonds and 0.37 black diamonds.

•    The Fashion Ring

The fashion ring can be as valuable and intricate as the cocktail ring.  In fact, in some cases, the fashion ring can be even more valuable or intricate than the cocktail ring.  What sets the fashion ring apart from others is the unique design.  Many find this type of ring in a sculptured shape, such as a flower or creature; however, there is nothing whimsical about these rings as the metals are precious and the diamonds colorful.

An example of a diamond fashion ring is the sculptured black, yellow, red ring placed in a 14 carat yellow gold setting.  Each of the diamonds forms a petal of the flower by overlapping another two petals.  One petal is created using black diamonds, the second is created using yellow sapphires, and the third is created using red sapphires.  The total diamond weight totals 0.65 carats and the sapphire weight is 2.85 carats.

•    The Men’s Ring

In previous years, the diamond ring was worn primarily by females.  This is no longer the case as males are beginning to adorn their hands with diamond-studded silver or gold bands.  For example, a square faced ring can be topped with white and black diamond’s set in polished sterling silver.  This full cut with strong sterling silver indicates a balance between dominance and clarity.  The total diamond weight is approximately 0.70 carat.

Final Words On The Matter

As can be seen, diamond rings can be used for different events and as different forms of fashion accessories.  To own and wear a diamond ring successfully, it is recommended that you find the ring that suits your needs and maintain it efficiently.  Care for a diamond is imperative and the gemstone must be taken to a jeweler on a regular basis.  A jeweler will be able to clean the item professionally and check that all the stones are secure.

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